Sunday, September 25, 2016

WTOC 2016: Slovenia

Slovenia signed its presence in Strömstad with a place on the podium, thanks to the 5th position reached by Krešo Keresteš in the TempO competition. It is the aimed return to the places of honour, after a gap of nine years of a team that survives thanks to the persistence of Krešo and Mateja Keresteš. It is expected that this result can bring the needed motivation to something even better in the future.

+ After the 4th place in his debut in the World Championships (Finland, 2006), Krešo Keresteš reached the gold in the following year and, since then, has been keeping away from the podium. He returned this year in Strömstad, reaching the 5th place in the TempO competition, side by side with the Italian Remo Madella. An excellent result from a “historical” of the TrailO.

- In what was her 7th presence in the World Championships, Mateja Keresteš reached once more a result under the expectations. Worse than her 52nd place in the PreO competition, just the results achieved in 2014 (58th) and 2015 (53rd).


Qual Blue
23. Mateja Keresteš 365,5 seconds

Qual Red
6. Krešo Keresteš 256 seconds

5. Krešo Keresteš 288 seconds

19. Krešo Keresteš 45 points / 125 seconds
52. Mateja Keresteš 39 points / 233,5 seconds

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WTOC 2016: Slovakia

It was only in 2014 that Slovakia presented itself to the TrailO family. And did it in an ambitious and fearless manner, through two solitary athletes, Ján Furucz and Dušan Furucz. The results then achieved foresaw a promising future, but we all were far from imagining that the medals would emerge in the immediate years, first the silver by Ján Furucz in the TempO competition (2015) and then the gold in the TrailO Relay, this year, by a team having, besides the two brothers, the “rookie” Marián Miklus. Facing the facts, there's nothing else to speculate. There is a lot of talent in the Slovakian team, but there is a real hard work too - and very well done (!) - on the basis of these excellent results. Slovakia is truly one of the most salutary examples of integration and assimilation of TrailO at the most demanding and competitive level and all the words will always be few to enhance the quality of its performers.

+ Apart a wonderful surprise called Marián Mikluš, Ján Furucz remains the great engine of this extraordinary machine. Although not at his best in the final of TempO - after his silver in 2015 one could expected slightly better than the 12th place -, he was, still, the best team member, repeating his prevalence in the PreO competition. Finally, he took the responsibility to hold the leadership of the Slovakian Relay and did it in the best way.

- Dušan Furucz ranked up, definitely, below the expectations in the PreO competition. It may be unfair to him, but this was definitely the most negative moment of Slovakian team from a global point of view.


Qual Blue
9. Ján Furucz 262 seconds
18. Marián Mikluš 324 seconds

Qual Red
5. Dušan Furucz 219 seconds
26. Tereza Miklušová 385,5 seconds

12. Ján Furucz 341,5 seconds
28. Dušan Furucz 398 seconds
33. Marián Mikluš 452 seconds

16. Ján Furucz 45 points / 97,5 seconds
17. Marián Mikluš 45 points / 106,5 seconds
36. Dušan Furucz 42 points / 98,5 seconds

TrailO Relay
1. Slovakia 102 seconds
Marián Mikluš (7 points / 51 seconds)
Dušan Furucz (7 points / 31 seconds)
Ján Furucz (7 points / 20 seconds)

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Euromeeting 2016: Tranchand and Teini got two victories each

Frederic Tranchand and Marika Teine were in evidence during the Euromeeting 2016, hold this weekend in Latvia. Both won two out of three stages, showing a great shape three weeks before the World Cup's final round.

Along the next four years, Latvia will be a center for top elite orienteering, hosting the World Cup round in 2017, the World Orienteering Championships in 2018 and, last but not least, the World Masters Orienteering Championships in 2019. Anticipating an amazing period, the Latvian Orienteering Federation, Cēsis Municipality, SIA “O! Latvija” and the Orienteering Club “Meridiāns” organized the Euromeeting 2016 in quite relevant terrains for the next years' events, calling the attention of 130 competitors from 12 different countries.

With all races scoring for the IOF World Ranking, the event kicked off on Friday with the Middle Distance race taking place in the Zvārtes Iezis map, in the Gauja River National Park region. The competitors could experience wonderful courses in an autumn-tinted forest, with the French Frederic Trachand being the fastest in the Men Elite class and finishing with the time of 32:16. A 50 seconds victory on the Estonian Timo Sild, with the Finn Miika Kirmula being third, 1:46 after the winner. In the Women Elite class, Marika Teini and Sari Anttonen, both from Finland, fought hard for the victory, with Teini spending 33:54 against 34:00 from Anttonen. Denisa Kosova, Czech Republic, finished third with more 1:32 than Teini.

Same map, same winners

The competitors got back to Zvārtes iezis on Saturday and Frederic Tranchand showed again his great shape, spending 1:27:24 for the 14,5 km of his course. With the next three in the standings separated by narrow 14 seconds, Timo Sild was second and the French Lucas Basset got the third place, 2:45 and 2:56, respectively, after Tranchand. Like in the Men Elite class, Teini and Anttonen repeated the places of the eve, with 1:32 separating both athletes. Like her brother, the French Isia Basset got the bronze, 2:47 after Teini.

Fulfilling the last day's program, the Sprint race took place in the northern part of the historic city of Cēsis, offering exciting orienteering courses. Now, a different map and different winners. With less than 25 seconds separating the ten first athletes, the Latvian Arturs Paulins was the “special one” before his public, winning with the time of 15:13. Just half second after Paulins, finished the Swiss Jonas Egger, while the Russian Artem Popov got the third place with the time of 15:15.1. Sari Anttonen was the winner in the Women Elite class, after a tight race with the Russian Anastasia Rudnaya. The Finn spent 15:02.0, just 1.6 seconds less than the Russian. Marika Teini finished third with more 25.8 than the winner.


Middle Distance

Men Elite
1. Frederic Tranchand (FRA France) 32:16 (+ 00:00)
2. Timo Sild (EST Estonia) 33:06 (+ 00:50)
3. Miika Kirmula (FIN Finland) 34:02 (+ 01:46)
4. Jonas Egger (SWI Switzerland) 34:03 (+ 01:47)
5. Jan Sedivy (CZE Czech Republic) 34:26 (+ 02:10)

Women Elite
1. Marika Teini (FIN SK Pohjantahti) 33:54 (+ 00:00)
2. Sari Anttonen (FIN Finland) 34:00 (+ 00:06)
3. Denisa Kosova (CZE Czech Republic) 35:26 (+ 01:32)
4. Inga Dambe (LAT Latvia) 35:27 (+ 01:33)
5. Johanna Hulkkonen (FIN Koovee) 35:38 (+ 01:44)

Long Distance

Men Elite
1. Frederic Tranchand (FRA France) 1:27:24 (+ 00:00)
2. Timo Sild (EST Estonia) 1:30:09 (+ 02:45)
3. Lucas Basset (FRA France) 1:30:20 (+ 02:56)
4. Dmitrii Nakonechnyi 1:30:23 (+ 02:59)
5. Vincent Coupat (FRA France) 1:31:11 (+ 03:47)

Women Elite
1. Marika Teini (FIN SK Pohjantahti) 1:15:05 (+ 00:00)
2. Sari Anttonen (FIN Finland) 1:16:37 (+ 01:32)
3. Isia Basset (FRA France) 1:17:52 (+ 02:47)
4. Denisa Kosova (CZE Czech Republic) 1:18:23 (+ 03:18)
4. Jana Knapova (CZE Czech Republic) 1:18:53 (+ 03:48)


Men Elite
1. Arturs Paulins (LAT Latvia) 15:13.0 (+ 00:00.0)
2. Jonas Egger (SWI Switzerland) 15:13.5 (+ 00:00.5)
3. Artem Popov (RUS Russian Federation) 15:15.1 (+ 00:02.1)
4. Frederic Tranchand (FRA France) 15:25.3 (+ 00:12.3)
5. Lucas Basset (FRA France) 15:25.4 (+ 00:12.4)

Women Elite
1. Sari Anttonen (FIN Finland) 15:02.0 (+ 00:00.0)
2. Anastasia Rudnaya (RUS Parma MS) 15:03.6 (+ 00:01.6)
3. Marika Teini (FIN SK Pohjantahti) 15:27.8 (+ 00:25.8)
4. Sandra Grosberga (LAT Latvia) 15:56.6 (+ 00:54.6)
5. Martina Ruch (SWI Switzerland) 15:58.8 (+ 00:56.8)

Complete results and further information at

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Porto City Race 2016: Esteves and Covas Costa won the Queen Stage

Ricardo Esteves and Tânia Covas Costa were the big winners of today's Porto City Race stage. Facing tough and challenging courses, both athletes finished the event in the best way, achieving good victories in its most important stage.

After a rainy night, the beautiful city of Porto woke up with sun and the excitement of an international Orienteering event. Organized by Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos, the event had the participation of close to five hundred orienteers from 15 different countries, trying the tricky spaces of Asprela Universitary Campus, in the northern part of the city, in a stage scoring for the City Race Euro Tour 2016 and for the Portugal City Race 2016.

Showing a good shape in the fall of the season, the winner of the 2016 Portuguese Cup's ranking in the M18 class, Ricardo Esteves (ADFA), got a comfortable triumph in the Men Senior class with the time of 32:33, which was his third victory in as much stages along the weekend. Two athletes from .COM took the immediate positions, João Magalhães being second placed with more 2:45 than Esteves, and João Novo taking the third place with the time of 36:08. The Spanish Maikel Rodriguez (Budiñoraid), current leader of the Portugal City Race 2016, finished in the fourth position, 4:56 after the winner.

More balanced, the course in the Women Senior class had in Tânia Covas Costa (.COM), a surprising winner, over a really combative Triin Jäädmaa, Estonia. The difference between the two athletes was of 1:34, with Covas Costa recording 34:25 in the end. Joana Fernandes (.COM) took the third place with more 1:40 than the winner, while Filipa Rodrigues, the young winner of the two previous stages, mispunched. Portugal City Race's current leader in this class, Sara Miranda (Individual), finished 10th with the time of 47:17.


Men Senior
1. Ricardo Esteves (ADFA) 32:33 (+ 00:00)
2. João Magalhães (.COM) 35:18 (+ 02:45)
3. João Novo (.COM) 36:08 (+ 03:35)
4. Maikel Rodriguez (Budiñoraid) 37:29 (+ 04:56)
5. Pedro Duarte (ADFA) 37:56 (+ 05:23)

Women Senior
1. Tânia Covas Costa (.COM) 34:25 (+ 00:00)
2. Triin Jäädmaa (Estonia) 35:59 (+ 01:34)
3. Joana Fernandes (.COM) 36:05 (+ 01:40)
4. Joanne Pickering (WIM) 37:09 (+ 02:44)
5. Patricia Casalinho (COC) 40:25 (+ 06:00)

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Further information and complete results at

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

WTOC 2016: Russia

After Dmitry Kucherenko (gold in 2011 and bronze in 2012), Russia reached its third individual medal ever in the World Trail Orienteering Championships thanks to Pavel Shmatov's second place in the PreO, Paralympic Class. Present throughout the thirteen editions of the World Championships - and always privileging their Paralympic representations, with these athletes often participating in the Open Class - Russia was present in Strömstad with a four athletes team, the smallest representation of the last eleven editions. Still, from the point of view of the individual results, this was its second best participation ever in the Paralympic class, after Dundee, Great Britain (2012).

+ After the advantage achieved on the first day of the PreO competition, in the Paralympic Class, Pavel Shmatov had everything to reach the gold medal. This wasn't possible, but it is undeniable the value of his silver medal that places him among the WTOC's great names this year.

- It's difficult not to mention Alexander Kobzarev as the team's weakest member but the three points lost by Eduard Oginskii in the TrailO Relay competition - taking Russia away from the medals, maybe even from the gold - just mark negatively the Russian participation in Strömstad and it will remain as its worst moment.


Qual Blue
26. Alexander Kobzarev 378,5 seconds

45. Alexander Kobzarev 41 points / 305 seconds

2. Pavel Shmatov 46 points / 122 seconds
8. Eduard Oginskii 40 points / 144,5 seconds
15. Dmitry Dokuchaev 37 points / 120 seconds

TrailO Relay
4. Russia 443,5 seconds
Dmitry Dokuchaev (7 points / 82,5 seconds)
Eduard Oginskii (4 points / 90 seconds)
Pavel Shmatov (6 points / 31 seconds)

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